Update - July 17

Hello! SrGrafo here
its been a while!, have been updating the people via discord but from now on will be posting also here
whats going on, what has been going 'u'/

For the ones that dont know, RpVoid had to be closed cause in a short version, it was being developed by 2 fellas, me and the "programmer"
unfortunedly as the time passed, the void couldnt continue because a mistake I did, which was

I didnt know the person I was working with, was mentaly unstable.

What started as things I thought were jokes, clearly with time were shown as a reality for him, from paranoia to mythomania,
the guy believed fbi/nsa was looking at rpvoid so refused to work in several things (even adding certain traits cause of this),
(I wish this would be a joke) he also kept being a master in everything, no matter the subject he was a teacher
(best day was when he told me was gonna teach how to animate and then log out)

My life for those months were so frustrating, but for the void to continue I had to pretend to give a shit

Unfortunedly as the time passed, his other wonderful trait came clear, he is a lazy as fuck person.
This mixed with the mythomania and paranoia was the reason why the void had so little updates for like a year
and on top of cherry, the only thing he cared was pretty much how much $ he was gonna get from the void
so practicaly he didnt want to work anymore, he just wanted me to sign a contract
to secure his income and stop development from his side.

So I did what almost every friend told me to do, leave this fuck

I will admit, it had some pros doing all this work on the void so far
It got me an even more clear idea on how to aproach every part of my project,
It didnt cost me anything to do, also I improved a lot my ilustration/animation skills
It made me understand that if your partner is shit, project is never gonna happen,
and this train aint stopping

So what has been happening?

Well for starters spend some proper weeks with gf, well deserved rest
after that got in contact with an old friend that was interested in the void since 2016
but i put him in hold cause I had faith my snowflake partner would start working
after some weeks we got in contact, explained him the whole situation,
he explained me that it would be better if I learn how to do it myself.

and guess who gives classes on web dev? he does

So for the last weeks, everyday for 4 hours we sit and work, and gosh this whole web dev thing is awesome
practicaly we saw every part of the rpvoid, and the more I talked about each part, the more I find out a lot of bullshit from the old snowflake,
several things were actually posible and I was told they were not, and the way he explains it is
"that guy created code patching and patching over and over mistakes, specialy if you guys didnt cordinate the structure"
(basicaly the code old programmer has its even shittier than I thought)

So my life lately is just learning this stuff

Sometimes I get stuck and code is not working, and I have to find the solution at home, it can be hours for a fucking missing "
but the best thing is when you find the solution of a problem, and the code works hah feels so nice
I ended up liking javascript a lot more than php, mostly cause its almost all client side, but the last weeks were just full php
we finish most of the structure (its easier when you already know how the site should end up hah)
the last week we have been working on the avatar editor, compilation of pngs and coloring

I know it would've faster to just continue to do art and find a programmer to team up, but this is a more slow yet more secure aproach to have rpvoid shining and working

after all, once we finish I dont have to wait a month for a "partner" to paste a link, I will be able to handle everything
(except servers maintenance cause those classes were so, but sooo distant from fun coding, so we agreed on having him as a side job for that)

For the tons of people that contacted me in skype and devianart

Sorry for not responding most, it was a lot, even after a month people were still finding out the void was down.
thank you all for the great encouragement messages, that just motivates me even more.

And lets just be patient cause a newer and better void is coming